Professional fangirl? Is that a thing? It can be…

I am a media junkie who combines a classic analytical background with a fierce love of new technology.

I started watching horror films with my dad at about seven years old and grew up watching them. Thanks to those early horror films and my voracious love of reading anything I could get my hands on, including graphic novels, sci fi and horror books I developed a love of the dark side of life early on.

The underground goth/industrial/post-punk scene was a natural fit for me and I have been interested in the darker aspects of culture for nearly 20 years. I worked as a club and radio DJ for many years producing and playing goth, punk, Industrial, synthpop and many different genres of electronic music which is still a passion of mine.

After graduating from college with a BA in Philosophy and a BA in Humanities I worked as the Managing Editor for a weekly arts and culture magazine. I also wrote reviews and features for many genre magazines like Gothic Beauty, Industrial Nation and ReGen.

In 2006 I left print media and moved to digital media. I have been working as a freelance writer specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Digital Content Creation and Social Media ever since. I have also produced Web videos, Internet radio, and podcasts. My digital work has been featured on many sites ranging from genre sites like Undead Walking,Caverns of Blood and Bloody Mess to The Washington Post and Daily Kos.

I have lived all over the country, but Chicago is one of my favorite cities and I hope to live there again someday. I have been living in various cities in the South for the last few years although as a die hard Northern girl I miss snow very badly.

Currently I live in GA, not that far from Senoia where TWD is filmed.  I have a herd of rescue cats who are completely spoiled and love to sit on my desk while I write. I had to build a special desk to accommodate them all. I enjoy dyeing my hair ridiculous colors for someone my age, drinking way too much coffee, wearing black, being sarcastic, getting tattoos, and indulging my addiction to technology and media.

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