American Gods ratings start off strong for Starz

The long -awaited adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s best seller American Gods had strong debut ratings.

It’s been a long wait for fans of American Gods to see the novel brought to the screen. But it was worth the wait. Bryan Fuller’s striking visual style is the perfect match for Neil Gaiman’s enigmatic characters. The story of the coming battle between the Old Gods and the New Gods is even more striking with Fuller’s signature highly amplified visuals.

The show had a lot of hype before it debuted. It was one of the top 5 trending topics on Twitter globally the night that it premiered. There were 3 showings of the debut episode on Starz on April 30th. Together those 3 showings brought in over 1 million views, which is almost a record for the network.

But watching through cable subscription isn’t the only way to watch American Gods. Ratings for alternative types of viewing aren’t in yet but it’s safe to assume the ratings will jump when those views are counted.

Viewers who used the Starz app on a phone or tablet to watch the episode got early access to the show. So did people who streamed the show online through Amazon Channels. Amazon Channels gives people the chance to subscribe to their favorite premium channels and access old and new content for a fee that’s about half of the cost of getting the channel with a cable subscription.

Cord Cutting Is The New Normal

Starz is one of the first channels to fully embrace alternative viewing platforms. HBO is getting on board and more cable channels are following suit. There is some speculation that AMC might launch its own player so fans without cable can stream The Walking Dead and other popular AMC originals.

Cable TV ratings are down across the board as the number of people who dump pricy cable subscriptions grows. Even the most popular shows on cable TV like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead have seen live views drop in recent seasons. But, when additional views from streaming and DVR playback are counted these shows often pick up millions of additional views.

The God Of Media Is Smiling on American Gods

It’s fitting that one of the New Gods in American Gods is Media considering that the show is embracing new ways to view media online. The culture clash commentary in the novel should make some for some relevant and discussion provoking viewing in the episodes that lie ahead.

Based on the strong numbers and the social media presence that the show has gotten it was recently renewed for a second season. The American Gods are here to stay, although it remains to be seen if it will be New Gods or the Old Gods that come out victorious.


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