Dystopia is the new sitcom: why dystopian drama is taking over TV

If you haven’t been living in a bomb shelter you’ve probably noticed the proliferation of dystopian drama shows on cable and streaming channels. Not only are there more dystopian themed shows than ever before, they are more popular than ever before. Look through the top 10 cable and streaming shows and you’ll see names like […]

American Gods ratings start off strong for Starz

The long -awaited adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s best seller American Gods had strong debut ratings. It’s been a long wait for fans of American Gods to see the novel brought to the screen. But it was worth the wait. Bryan Fuller’s striking visual style is the perfect match for Neil Gaiman’s enigmatic characters. The story […]

TWD Fan Guide For Visiting Senoia Georgia

Whether you are planning a summer vacation to Senoia, Ga, the home of The Walking Dead or planning a day trip or looking for places to visit when you’re in Atlanta for Walker Stalker Con you won’t be disappointed in your visit to Senoia and the surrounding areas. I’ve been to Senoia several times because […]