Interviews with actors from The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Supernatural and other genre shows.

Her Cape

Carlena Britch talks about Supernatural, strong women, and fries

Why are Wonder Woman and Cyborg sharing a week? by Sarabeth Pollock The high point of Supernatural’s season 13 premiere was a wise cracking angel with some mad ninja skills. Recently Carlena Britch talked to Her Cape about working on show, Miriam’s unique skill set, and the Supernatural fandom: How did you get the role on Supernatural? I had read for the show a few times before on earlier seasons and really believed it would come down to the right timing and character. When Miriam was introdu
Undead Walking

Nadine Marissa talks about The Walking Dead, Nabila and life at The Kingdom

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead had a lot going on but one of the bigger moments in the episode was when Kingdom resident Nabila, played by Nadine Marissa, deftly used the opening King Ezekiel made to overpower a Savior and take his gun. She channeled her inner Carol and led the rest of The Kingdom survivors to safety. Recently we had the chance to speak with Nadine Marissa, who plays Nabila, about life at The Kingdom and how King Ezekiel has managed to inspire such loyalty and create
Undead Walking

The Walking Dead Jayson Warner Smith talks about Gavin and The Saviors

Negan likes to think of himself as someone providing a service on The Walking Dead. And in some ways he does provide the service of keeping people safe. But following his rules is a hefty price to pay. One of his top lieutenants, Gavin tolerates Negan and follows the rules but he doesn’t fall into the rank and file of true believers within The Sanctuary. He’s happiest being as far away from Negan as possible. Recently we had the chance to talk with Jayson Warner Smith, who plays Gavin, to find
Undead Walking

The Walking Dead: Peter Zimmerman talks the Hilltop, Maggie and TWD fans

On The Walking Dead fans haven’t really learned too much about The Hilltop even though the community has been critically important for Rick and the team at Alexandria.And it’s become a haven for Maggie. The Hilltop’s relationship with The Saviors was the impetus for the infamous slaughter at The Saviors outpost that kicked off a disastrous chain of events that led to the murder of Abe and Glenn and the current war. But what’s life been like for the survivors at The Hilltop? How do they see all
Undead Walking

The Walking Dead Elizabeth Ludlow talks about The Saviors and All Out War

On The Walking Dead, The Saviors were caught unprepared by Rick and the alliance’s attack on The Sanctuary. After the walker herd swarmed the building they, and the workers, were forced to move up to the upper floors and try to conserve power. And since Negan was busy trying to survive the onslaught the Saviors inside were left to try to manage the situation inside. Their supplies started running low after a day which showed they didn’t think that The Sanctuary would ever be vulnerable to attac
Undead Walking

Talking trash with Tamiel: Interview with Sabrina Gennarino of The Walking Dead

The Scavengers have been a part of The Walking Dead for a couple of seasons now but the group remains a mystery in many ways. The Scavengers, or The Heapsters, or The Trash People, whatever you want to call them are still outliers in The Walking Dead world. The other communities have all chosen a side in All Out War. But those choices were based on loyalty and a sense of preparing for the future. The Scavengers don’t seem to be motivated by the big picture or what might happen in the future. Th
Undead Walking

Fear The Walking Dead: Danay Garcia talks about Luciana, the ranch, and survival

Fear The Walking Dead is in the middle of the strongest season the show has had. When the show returns on September 10th the conflicts at Broke Jaw Ranch are going to reach a boiling point. But Luciana knew from the beginning that the situation at the ranch was going to go bad and she got out early in the season. Luciana always had a different perspective than the others about the ranch. Jeremiah Otto wasn’t even going to let her in so she knew from the beginning she’d never be welcome there. A