TWD Fan Guide For Visiting Senoia Georgia

Whether you are planning a summer vacation to Senoia, Ga, the home of The Walking Dead or planning a day trip or looking for places to visit when you’re in Atlanta for Walker Stalker Con you won’t be disappointed in your visit to Senoia and the surrounding areas. I’ve been to Senoia several times because I don’t live that far away and 99% of the time everyone I met there was friendly, helpful and immensely proud of their beautiful town and proud to be the home of The Walking Dead. It’s a very fan friendly town. Here is my list of the best places to stay, shop, eat and of course tour the filming sites used in The Walking Dead when you’re in Senoia.

In the cities and towns in the region you will find plenty of chain hotels, restaurants and shops so I’m not including them in this list. All the businesses on my list are local Senoia businesses because I am a big supporter of and believer in local businesses!

Where To Stay

I highly recommend staying at least one night. There is so much to see and do that it will be very tough to squeeze it into one day. You can find the chain hotels that you’re used to in all of the surrounding areas like Peachtree City and Newnan. But if you want something a little different or more local check out these two unique places to stay:

The Veranda Bed and Breakfast – Senoia, GA.

The Veranda is a beautiful historic Southern inn that has all the period details you’d expect. It’s really beautiful. It’s also only about a block from downtown Senoia so it’s a great command center if you want a place to stay that is close to all the sights in Senoia. You can get a real Southern breakfast as well as more gourmet breakfast options too. It does tend to fill up quickly so you may need to book well in advance if you’re coming for an event like Walker Stalker Con.

veranda bab
The Veranda Bed and Breakfast Inn

Morgan’s Apt – Grantville, GA

This is a very unique Air BnB listing! You can actually stay in an apartment just down the hall from Morgan’s apartment that was featured in the “Clear” episode of The Walking Dead. Morgan’s apartment has been left just as it was during the filming so you can get the full experience of seeing a filming location. Booking this listing gives you exclusive access to Morgan’s apartment to look around and take photos. Aside from the awesome location it’s only $100 per night and it sleeps up to 8 people. It’s a full apartment with a kitchen, 1.5 baths and 5 bedrooms. You can even get a discount if you book it for a full week.

morgans airbnb



Tours are a must if you’re in Senoia. You can do a self-guided tour if you want. The Woodbury Shoppe has self-guided tour books with maps and locations in them for anyone that wants to do their own tour. You can buy the locations book online so you can get it before your vacation and plan your route if you want, which I suggest.

Walkin Dead Haralson Tours

Who can forget the Esco Feed Mill that was featured in the Season 3 credits and was the location for some of the best action in Season 3 like the meeting between Rick and the Governor and Merle’s last stand? Through this tour company you can get photos taken in front of the feed mill as well as explore the barn where Rick and the Governor met and see other cool locations from the show. You may even get to fend off some walkers. This is an iconic part of the show’s history and a must see if you are in Senoia. Book your tour here. Tweet me your pics in front of the feed mill!

feed mill

The Touring Dead Walking Tour by the Georgia Tour Company

Another tour you have to take when you’re in Senoia is The Touring Dead Walking Tour. You will walk about two miles in the Georgia heat, so bring plenty of water with you. And always wear sunscreen or a hat and good shoes. But you’ll see some a lot of sites that you will recognize like Woodbuy and of course the Alexandria Safe Zone. The tour guides are cosplayers and know a lot about the show and the town so you can get answers to your questions and get some great photos.

ga tour company

A few words about tours…

There is no shortage of tours of Walking Dead sites. Atlanta Movie Tours does one, and several other companies do as well. But when you support local tours you not only support local businesses you also get the best information from people that live in Senoia and are proud of it. Let them show you their town and support their businesses with your dollars. If you want to have a lot of fun with other fans that love TWD as much as you do stick with these tour companies.

Where to Shop

There are many small shops in Senoia that I encourage you to support with your dollars. But two of the best are:

The Woodbury Shoppe

The Woodbury Shoppe is the official store for all things Walking Dead. They have tons of Walking Dead merchandise ranging in price from bumper stickers and small items for just a few dollars to high end exclusive collectibles, clothing, games, props from the show and so much more. Plan on spending a few hours and a lot of money here. Everyone that works there is so friendly and helpful you’ll have a great time finding cool stuff for yourself and for gifts.

In addition to the great shopping The Woodbury Shoppe has a Walking Dead museum downstairs filled with props from the show, a recreated cell from the Prison, photos and autographs and all kinds of cool stuff from the show that you will definitely want to see. You can wander through, take photos, and explore at your own pace.

You can see the iconic doors and much much more at The Woodbury Shoppe museum


The Georgia Mercantile Company

The Georgia Mercantile Company has an eclectic market filled with Walking Dead items and some really great local foods, crafts and books. You can book your tour for The Touring Dead here and if you want to make your wedding something special you can even book a wedding event with Woodbury as the backdrop. I have been begging my husband to renew our vows in a Walking Dead theme event for awhile. Hopefully I can wear him down.

Where To Eat (And Drink)

You will definitely get thirsty in the GA heat and you cannot come to Georgia without eating some classic Southern fare. When you need a caffeine fix try:

The Waking Dead Café

The Waking Dead café is adjacent to The Woodbury Shoppe which is very convenient if you want to get a snack and a coffee while shopping. They have standard coffees and cold drinks and they are very friendly. You can get baked goods and snacks there, including some pretty cool cookies like these ones I got there of Michonne’s cat, the cat statue that she takes from the bar in the Clear episode.



Senoia Coffee Café

The Senoia Coffee Café is better known as the Woodbury Coffee Shop from Season 3. You can see the sign reading Woodbury Coffee Shop in the café and take pictures of it. You can also get some really great coffee and snacks or sandwiches and breakfast too if you want to get a good meal before heading off on a tour. Senoia Coffee Café serves locally blended Coffee by David, including the signature Zombie Dark blend. You can also buy Zombie Dark coffee online. It’s delicious, if you like dark coffee like I do you’ll love it.


Nic and Normans

If you want a proper meal like a great burger or some Southern classics stop at the new Nic and Normans restaurant on Main St. in Senoia. It’s owned by Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus, both of whom pop in at random times so you might get to meet Daryl himself or the legendary Greg Nicotero. Other cast members have been spotted when they’re in town too. The décor is really beautiful and by all reports the food is great, although I haven’t been there yet. You can also buy some swag like shirts and shot glasses and other items.


Maguire’s Irish Pub

If Nic and Normans is too crowded for you head over to Maguire’s for a relaxed atmosphere, drinks, and good food. Maguire’s is also a favorite of TWD cast and you might spot cast members there during the summer and fall when filming is occurring.


A few final words about visiting Senoia, GA

Senoia is a great town that is very welcoming of TWD Family. But do your part to be a good guest. Be respectful of locations when there is filming going on. Don’t be “that” tourist and get in everyone’s way, cause traffic jams, or be a demanding or entitled jerk. Always respect private property. While most of the people in the town are excited to be part of TWD lore some aren’t happy about it and you don’t want to give those people more cause to be annoyed about TWD tourists. Pick up after yourselves, be nice, and most of all spend money! The people that you will meet, for the most part, are generous and friendly and are happy to show you the town. They will go above and beyond to make your visit great so be a great tourist in return.

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